• Nicole, Alameda

    Gaylen is a professional. He was well prepared throughout the process of selling our home. He listened to what we were setting out to achieve and made it happen. Communication throughout was excellent. Every decision was well thought out, analyzed in such a way to give us the best possible position for negotiating. Gaylen far surpasses other realtors that we used before!

  • Alueda

    I felt this agent did a wonderful job. No it was more of an experience. He was polite and allow us to take our time touring the homes he presented us. What made our experience over the top was he explained the small details of the area as well as fees to close the house.

  • Aparna

    Gaylen and I originally started working together when I unsuccessfully tried to sell my Berkeley condo in 2011 (very bad market!). As a conscientious and dedicated agent, he stuck with me as a property manager for years and helped me find tenants and conduct minor repairs. At his urging, I placed  the property back on the market in 2015 and through his hard work, we received three very competitive offers in less than a week. Gaylen took his role representing me very seriously and fought to get a faster close and no contingencies from one of the buyer teams. I couldn't have dreamed of a better offer!

  • Eric Wang, Oakland

    Gaylen is a professional of the business and was completely on my side as a buyer. On any decisions regarding due diligence and inspection and pricing, he was looking out for me as a buyer. Over time, I grew to trust that he was guiding me in the right direction, especially as a first-time home  buyer. Gaylen works on all kinds of deals--large, small, city, suburban--and as a result, he knows almost every neighborhood in the East Bay and is experienced with a broad range of transactions. I highly recommend his service, knowledge and expertise in order to get a deal done the right way.

  • Ehatrick, Oakland

    Gaylen was a dream realtor. He was very competent, easy going, and did an extraordinary job in helping us find a house. He also was not pushy, impatient, or overly aggressive. He's a very warm and personal guy and since we were commuting from LA it was even more complicated for all of us. His  perseverance and patience really paid off because we were not easy clients, we had many requirements in the type of property we wanted. I would recommend him with absolutely no reservation. He's the best. I'm happy to talk to anyone by phone with further question.

  • Airane,Emeryville

    Gaylen was for me the one that lite my path and gave me hope while I was desperate on finding the house that I was wishing for. I really liked that he did not try to manipulate me or try to influence me to his own interests. It was a pleasure to work with him because he was as competent, detailed,  and capped the past on helping me even when things got some times complicated.. In this difficult market it was important for me to keep my confidence on founding what I was looking for.

  • Rob, Berkeley

    Immensely practical with thoroughly researched advice on how to bid in such a competitive market. He was always fast to reply to our questions, no matter how late in the evening. His fast responses and persistence in chasing up details helped close our sale in just 15 days!

  • Carly, Berkeley

    Gaylen helped us buy our first home here in Berkeley, and we'd recommend him unreservedly. During the search itself he knew and understood exactly what we wanted, appreciated our budget (which was probably on the smaller side than a lot his clients) and never tried to push us out of it, and was generally fantastic to work with. It was in the bidding and then the purchasing process that he really kept us sane -- he kept driving everything along with an amazing attention to detail and persistence, meaning we closed in super-quick time and now live in the home we wanted all along. Thanks Gaylen!

  • Greta

    Gaylen is a five-star agent! He took us around to look at houses in the Oakland/El Cerrito area. Even though he knew we might not buy for a year, he came fully prepared and spent half a day with us! He obviously knows the area and the business; he is professional; he listens; and he gave us some great advice. He let us look at places at our own pace and did not talk our ear off while we were looking. We will definitely ask him to be our agent when we are ready!

  • Michael and Trey

    As we began the search for our new home in the San Francisco Bay Area, my husband and I interviewed many well-qualified real estate agents. Our ultimate choice to work with Gaylen Roberts at BHG Highland Partners was the first important, and wise, decision that we made. Gaylen proved himself a top-notch realtor whom we now strongly recommend.

    He successfully guided us through the entire process from start to finish, always maintaining a consistent and thoughtful approach. Gaylen took the time to get to know us and understand our needs - everything from location, size and budget to architecture, design and lifestyle. His high degree of professionalism allowed us to feel at ease and in good hands from the very beginning; in the end, this same personal quality helped seal the deal on our wonderful house!

    We are confident that Gaylen's unique ability to represent his clients with integrity is the number one asset that any homebuyer or seller would want in a prospective agent. Our goals became his goals, and Gaylen became a trustworthy partner. He brings all the essential resources to the table, including research and analysis, with a keen knowledge of the local market. Gaylen also possesses the invaluable skills of organization, timely follow-through and effective communication.

    Gaylen immediately dedicated himself to helping us achieve our dream. He remembered all the little things and made certain that even our toughest questions were fully answered. In facing a competitive market, Gaylen was able to leverage his experience to provide us with a winning strategy. We were so fortunate to find Gaylen Roberts and believe he is among the very best realtors in the East Bay.

    Michael & Trey

  • Brianna

    We decided to sell our house a little last minute and Gaylen was on top of everything. It was so easy and we got way more than we thought we would for our house. The photographer he works with was amazing also. There are so many realtors and it's hard to find one that is truly reliable and knowledgeable...but you will not be disappointed here! Definitely recommend Gaylen and his team

  • Vanita

    Working with Gaylen was more than we could have asked for.  He was extremely professional but down to earth, which was exactly our speed.  He was very knowledgeable concerning things to look for in a house like condition of foundation, roof etc.  Whatever we wanted to see, even if it was last minute, Gaylen and Iris did their best to accommodate us.  We honestly could have not asked for a better agent.  We are just so thrilled that Galyen was HIGHLY recommended to us and we see why.  Nothing but quality from him.  This was very important for us as it was our first time buying a home and we literally had to learn EVERYTHING there is to know about owning a home during this process.  Luckily we had someone who was on top of things and a professional on our side!  Thanks again Gaylen!

  • Sharon, Oakland

    Gaylen really does deserve a five star rating! He and his team have just assisted in renting out our small condo in Berkeley in what has been a low-market time of year impacted by weather. But, Gaylen persevered and brought us the right candidate for the rental. I first met Gaylen when he was working to sell a unit next door. He then was successful in helping us purchase a home in Adams Point in Oakland during a highly competitive market. He has many contacts in the trades and is always happy to assist in any way he can with providing suggestions, and is willing to share details for plumbers, electricians, and  building contractors. Gaylen is detail oriented and never fails to return a phone call or e-mail. He is all about building professional relationships for the long term; I highly recommend Gaylen Roberts and Team if you are looking to buy, sell, or rent in the Bay Area!

  • Jeanna Kim, Oakland

    As a first time home buyer with little to zero knowledge, Gaylen guided us throughout the whole home buying process with extreme patience but quick execution. We found our perfect home in Oakland within a month and closed escrow within weeks. 

    Despite another buyer's competitive bid, he helped to outbid and close the offer on our dream home while keeping us updated every moment. 

    Gaylen is a real estate agent you can definitely trust. His quick-thinking and efficiency is your key to buying a home in the Bay Area.

  • Jason Y

    I've been working with Gaylen for 5 years. He is the most honest and down-to-earth real agent I've ever worked with, always having my best interest at heart instead of just wanting to earn his commission. 

    He is good at negotiating offers down and getting the best bang-for-your-buck when talking to sellers, whether it be the offer price or maybe upgrades/fixes noted from your inspection. His expertise and knowledge in real estate and home-ownership in general will help you greatly especially if this is your first home purchase. Little things like the caulking used in bathrooms, the different materials of your floor/kitchen/bathroom, what to expect from the HOA, how to read disclosure and inspections, Gaylen will help you translate everything you don't know about your prospective home.

    When I found properties I disliked, he'll still tell me the positive aspects of the property I might be overlooking. When I found properties I did like, he'll still give me the negative aspects of the property I might be overlooking. He never hid any information from me just to get a sale, so he gained my trust, and I hope he gains yours as well!

  • Jaire Tecarro, Oakland

    In the incredibly competitive Bay Area real estate market, Gaylen really delivered the goods and helped us secure our dream home in Montclair, Oakland. He's the secret weapon that we needed to win amidst the highly competitive bidding wars. Gaylen is savvy, smart, and creative which gave us the needed edge to have the winning offer to a home that we really love.
    At the beginning of our search, Gaylen helped introduce
    us to many hidden gems in the East Bay which aligned with our myriad requirements. Despite our many, many specific constraints Gaylen just rolled with it and miraculously found us homes that checked all the boxes. We also loved that Gaylen always had a mountain of knowledge which added thoughtful considerations to the houses we were viewing. He brought so much insight into our search whether that be pointing out potential system and foundation problems, the aesthetics of the home, trees that could be a hazard in the future, down to pointing out architectural flaws that we wouldn't have noticed. Working with Gaylen, you not only get a great realtor but an architect, designer, and business adviser too!

    When it comes to finally making an offer, timing and execution is crucial; Gaylen & his team delivered this in spades. He put together a spectacular offer with just a few days notice and never left any detail to chance. All details were finely tuned and everything worked like clockwork - it was this level of service that enabled us to accomplish the unthinkable: finally win an offer in the home of our dreams in this cut throat market!

    As time-constrained working professionals, we really appreciated all the legwork he did for us like reading disclosure packets, and using sites like Docusign, Google docs, and other apps that helped make the process very efficient. He also had great trusted contacts which helped us round out a very competent team of home-financing and insurance providers.

    Did we mention that Gaylen had a great knack for making compelling offers too? He's a great advisor in finding the sweet spot for just the right offer - given the ever shifting market. For the five offers that we made, Gaylen was always responsive and available at all hours - including late nights and weekends when needed. Now we live in a home we love ( something that we really thought was beyond our reach). We can't thank Gaylen enough and recommend him highly.

  • Leslie Kanis, Oakland

    Could not have asked for a better Realtor than Gaylen. He was extremely helpful throughout the entire process and put our needs first. Very knowledgeable, professional, and easy to work with! I would highly recommend Gaylen to anyone for any real estate needs.

  • Katie, Oakland

    Gaylen helped us to buy our first house in a competitive market. He was very accessible, spending many weekends and evenings with us at dozens of houses. He worked with us to make offers that we were competitive but still within our comfort range. When we finally found the house we bought, Gaylen  acted quickly and strategically to seal the deal before other offers could be submitted. Gaylen is friendly and professional. We highly recommend him

  • Raphael Vitti, Oakland

    Gaylen worked hard to make the house-buying process as easy as possible for us and he was very patient and helpful, and quickly figured out what we were looking for.

    It was our first time looking for a house to buy, and we had tons of questions and hesitations, and Gaylen was always available to walk us through all of that.

    Most of all, I really appreciated his honesty and integrity and how straightforward he is.

    Thank you, Gaylen!

  • Jeff, Richmond

    Gaylen knocked it out of the park! As a first time home buyer on a limited budget, I had TONS of questions and concerns. He provided the necessary foundation for me to successfully navigate the Bay Area real estate waters by giving a direct and honest assessment of each property, coaching my many thoughts and ideas, and so much more.

    The boy’s got talent! Gaylen has a deep background and proven track record in architecture/design, a keen ability to assess investment opportunities, and maintains an incredibly realistic and positive outlook. All of this was exceptionally valuable. Gaylen rapidly and effectively evaluated the many situations that pop up in the home buying process and took action to keep me on the right track.

    Gaylen is well known in the area for building relationships and developing trust between buyers and sellers. Always willing to go the extra mile, he had me out to dinner with other clients to share perspective and advice. His attention to details, availability off-hours, and numerous check-ins cultivated the connections and environment needed to seal the deal on a lovely house!

  • Charlie Christensen

    My team and I have worked with Gaylen and his clients on numerous transactions over the years. Gaylen is hands down an intuitive, responsive, technology savvy realtor. He is a mortgage professional and has the skills to negotiate any deal out there. I would highly recommend Gaylen to anyone looking to buy or sell in the Bay area.

  • Caleb van Docto, Richmond

    This is the guy to work with. Gaylen happened to be working with close friends of ours, and when they couldn't make it to a pre-arranged walk-through with him, they asked us to go and give them feedback of the house. Not only did we like the house, we really liked Gaylen, in fact we left our third realtor in as many months to start working with him. He obviously enjoys what he does; has an eye for how a space can evolve from house to home, he gives you candid and accurate feedback, and he skips the salesmanship - a quality not common in the realtor crowd. Perhaps most importantly, he's in it with you for the long-haul. We're Bay Area natives looking for our first home, and it took us nearly two years to find something we loved and affordable. Gaylen stuck with us the whole time. I can't even count how many houses we looked at, and situations we considered. He made it happen. Do yourselves a favor, and give him a call.

  • Ryan McFarlane, Oakland

    Gaylen is a knowledgeable, patient realtor who both knows the East Bay intimately and has an eye for architecture and design that makes a big difference in this market. Above all else, he makes sure you are comfortable and get your questions answered throughout the process.

  • Omid, Oakland

    Gaylen is the best!! He is patient, professional and very easy to communicate with. He helped us both buy and sell a home. On both sides of the transaction, he was with us every step of the way. He showed us so many homes and spent so much time with us in 2013 that I lost count. After competing in such a tough buyers market and getting outbid so many times, I was starting to loose faith that we would ever be able to purchase a home. All the while, Gaylen kept calm and cool headed about it reassuring me that we were good buyers and that the right home would present itself. He kept my spirits up when I was loosing faith. And as predicted we finally found the right home and Gaylen beat out all the competition by being prepared and presenting our offer ahead of other potential buyers.

    Because of his persistence, experience and feel for the market, we are now in an amazing home! I'm so glad we used Gaylen on both transactions.

    If you are looking for a smart, intuitive, communicative realtor with a lot of experience not only buying and selling but on the architecture side, Gaylen is your guy.

  • Brendan, Oakland

    We found Gaylen from a personal recommendation and, after having worked unsuccessfully with a few other agents, we found him to be a great match! Because we were looking to buy in some very competitive neighborhoods, we wanted to take a longer-term approach in the hopes to find what we were looking for without the hype/pressure to buy ASAP. Gaylen immediately understood our approach and what we were looking for and was an absolute pleasure to work with. When we did find our house, he was a great partner in helping us construct the winning offer, and represented us as professionally as possible.
    I am personally recommending Gaylen to our friends

  • Ian Smith, Berkeley

    Gaylen Roberts is a stand out agent. My wife and I used Gaylen in both the buy and sell sides of a very lucrative real estate deal. We appreciated his skill sets and professional demeanor immensely. Gaylen's background as an architect gave us an excellent opportunity to discuss renovations to our property that would increase our value well beyond your average real estate agent. On the buy side, Gaylen wasn't pushing for a purchase, he always had our best interest at heart and patiently aided our search for three months before we bought. On the sell side, Gaylen's team and architectural eye were instrumental in critical renovation decisions that ultimately lead us to selling our place for a phenomenal profit. If we hadn't left the Bay Area to pursue properties elsewhere in the country I am sure my wife and I would have used him again and again. You don't find agents like this often!

  • Mike Blumenkrantz, Hayward

    My wife and I were referred to Gaylen through a previous agent of ours located down in Southern California. We were anxious about needing to both sell and buy in this volatile Bay Area market. Gaylen reassured us from the start that he knew this market well and that he could help us through the entire process. We were more than impressed with his follow-through and attention to detail and quickly felt that we were in good hands. Both transactions went smoothly and timely. We couldn't be happier in our new home and will be happy to refer our friends and colleagues to Gaylen!

  • Dominique kunz, Alameda

    I have nothing but good things to say about Gaylen and his team. They walked me through every step during the process and were always there to answer any questions or requests i had. 
    Communication was very easy and i believe he is one of the few that are truly enjoying helping people find their dream home at their budget and is not just in to look out for himself. I was unsuccessful before with other Realtors and i'm glad i found him and his team. I highly recommend Gaylen Roberts.

  • Iris 

    Gaylen Roberts was professional and a pleasure to do business with. He helped us on the purchase side and knew the current market extremely well, helped with suggestions on best practices while structuring the offer, and making sure we had a chance to understand the house to the fullest extent. He was a great asset and very patient with us. He understood what we were looking for and gave us his honest professional opinion. Hands down one of the best people we have worked with from all aspects!

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